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LIEBHERR LTM 1070, 2 winch crane
LIEBHERR LTM 1070, 2 winch crane technical data

Don't let the size fool you; the LTM 1070 may be a small 4-axle crane, but it's filled with immense potential. Incorporating cutting-edge ECOmode and ECOdrive technologies, it excels in fuel efficiency and noise reduction. Its advanced TELEMATIK system and speed-sensitive rear-axle steering contribute to its off-road agility and readiness upon arrival at the site.

Please note!

The chart shows the maximum lifting capacity of the crane.

To ensure these characteristics, it is necessary to equip the crane with a full counterweight of 14,5 tons. When driving on the road to the site, the crane can carry a counterweight of 10,7 tons. In this case, its lifting capacity will correspond to that indicated in the table:

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