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At Cranex Group, we offer an exceptional selection of lifting solutions, meticulously curated to serve the intricate demands of the property development and construction industries. Our comprehensive inventory includes electric, battery-operated, diesel, and telescopic lifts, each tailored for specific operational needs.
  • Electric Lifts: Our SKYMAN 90 and SKYMAN 100 models, with capabilities reaching up to 10.8 meters and a lifting capacity of 300 kg, are perfect for urban development projects where precision and agility are paramount. These lifts are especially suited for indoor environments or sites where noise and emissions need to be minimized.

  • Battery-Operated Lifts: The GENIE GS-8A, GS-10A, and GS-12A models, offering heights up to 12 meters and capacities up to 454 kg, embody our commitment to sustainable construction practices. Ideal for projects requiring quiet operation and zero emissions, these lifts ensure operational efficiency without compromising environmental responsibility.

  • Diesel Lifts: For extensive industrial applications demanding high power and extended reach, our diesel-powered GENIE GS-12D and GS-15D lifts, which ascend up to 15 meters and support loads up to 680 kg, are indispensable. Their robustness makes them suitable for outdoor construction sites with rugged terrain.

  • Telescopic Lifts: The DINO series, ranging from the 150T to the 210XT, extends up to 21 meters, accommodating loads from 80 to 215 kg. These lifts offer unparalleled versatility and precision, ideal for tasks requiring extended reach and flexible positioning.

At Cranex Group, we are dedicated to enhancing your project's success by providing reliable, high-performance lifting equipment tailored to improve on-site efficiency and safety. Our expert team is on hand to assist you in selecting the perfect lift for your specific project requirements, ensuring you make an informed decision. Trust us for your equipment rental needs, and elevate your construction and development projects to new heights of achievement.

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