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Top 5 Things to Know When Renting a Crane

Thinking about renting a mobile crane? Here are 5 key things to know before you decide:

1. Understand Your Project Needs

Before renting a mobile crane, take the time to carefully assess your project's requirements. Consider the weight and size of the load, as well as the height and distance required for moving it.

2. Check the Crane's Lifting Capacity

Make sure the crane's lifting capacity matches your load. Remember, adverse weather can impact the crane's performance. High winds, for instance, add extra wind load to the crane’s boom and the suspended load, reducing its lifting capacity. Cranex Group OÜ offers cranes for rent with lifting capacities ranging from 25 to 130 tons.

*Note that not all cranes can be moved to the site with a full set of counterweights (ballast). Often, to achieve full lifting capacity, it's necessary to separately transport the required amount of ballast, leading to additional transport costs and time for crane transportation.

3. Consider Boom Length and Reach

When planning where to set up the crane, consider the length of the boom and its reach – the distance from the crane's pivot center to the load's attachment point. As the boom extends, the possible lifting height decreases. Always refer to the crane's load chart and plan with a margin for height and reach.

4. Factor in Crane Weight and Dimensions

Assess the construction site's terrain – mobile cranes need a level and solid surface to operate. The site's base must be pre-leveled and the soil compacted. Place cranes at a safe distance from the edges of excavations, trenches, and slopes (1.5–6 meters).

5. Ensure Compatibility with the Work Zone

In urban settings, not all cranes are suitable for certain sites. Learn the crane's dimensions in advance and check if there are narrow passages, especially in densely built-up areas.

Remember, crane rental requires thorough planning, adherence to safety rules, and collaboration with experienced professionals. Feel free to consult us for any questions.


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